I don’t have 20% for a down payment! (I promise you there are other ways!)

I’ve had some issues in the past and my credit score is too low! (There are methods where credit isn't a huge factor!)

I just bought a house, and the bank won't let me get another loan yet! (Trust me, you can buy a rental without using the bank!)

I’ve heard these phrases more times than I can count! If you're here you understand the importance of building a rental portfolio. But most new investors get stuck spinning their wheels because of the amount of information available.

I designed this course to help you figure out how to finance your next rental. I walk through the five most accessible methods for new investors, break down the pros and cons of each method AND use real world examples to explain how to apply it.


Hi, I'm Deandra McDonald!

Education is my profession, real estate is my passion. I bought my first house at 23, and within 5 years I was able to retire from my job as a public school teacher.

Now my focus is on educating as many people as I can about the value of investing, by helping them figure out the next step in their journey.